Mount Bromo Rafting Tour

By | June 24, 2020
Mount Bromo Rafting Tour
Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Songa Pekalen River Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package 2 days 1 night cheap price is a travel to enjoy the sunrise at Bromo and rafting in the Pekalen River Probolinggo. Just hearing it certainly makes you ask questions, just try registering yourself immediately on Bromo tour package. Because the combination of this tour package offers an interesting and unforgettable experience. Especially if you do it with family, relatives or friends. This package is perfect for travelers who like natural adventure.

Bromo and Songa rafting tour on the Pekalen river in Probolinggo can begin, either from Malang or Surabaya. Then visit the tourist area in Mount Bromo then proceed to enjoy the rafting in the Songa Rafting rafting tourist area.

Why does it have to be in Songa Rafting ?. Songa Rafting that we know is a travel agent located in the Pekalen River to assist you in doing white water rafting on the Pekalen River. Songa Adventure offers rafting packages that are tailored to interest in trying white water rafting. There are the Upper Pekalen or Lower Pekalen Songa Package. Both packages offer a million incredible natural beauty, it’s just that Songa Above is the best to choose.

Travel Route (itinerary) for Mount Bromo Rafting Tour 2 Days 1 Night from Surabaya

Bromo Rafting Tour Package has a long journey of about 2 days and 1 night. Where 1 day doing white water rafting, then proceed with Bromo tour. Below is the Songa Rafting and Bromo ravel package program for 2 days 1 night, the following:

Day 01: Surabaya > Rafting Soga Pekalen River Probolinggo

Pick up in Surabaya then go to the Pekalen river rafting spot. The pick-up process can be started from the inn, Gubeng train station or Juanda Airport by our travel team. Then proceed with the direction of the tour participants directly to Probolinggo.

Arrived in the city of Probolinggo, then went to the Pekalen rafting base camp. After arriving at the base camp then rafting the Pekalen River to completion. When the rafting program progresses, proceed back to the base camp, then clean the body followed by lunch. After that, continue the journey to the Mount Bromo area.

The journey from the rafting location to Bromo only 1 hour, then you will arrive at the Bromo tourist area. Over there, we already prepared a place to stay in the Bromo area. After your check-in process is complete, then visit the Mentigen peak to enjoy the beauty of the sun site.

Day 02: Bromo Sunrise Tour – drop off Surabaya or Malang

To enjoy the tour program to Bromo starting at 03.30 WIB. Where this trip uses a jeep or hardtop vehicle. After the Jeep, pick you up at the hotel where you stay. Then the trip continues towards the top of Mount Pananjakan 1 or to Bukit Kingkong. There are so many tourists gathered to witness the natural beauty of Bromo and the rising sun.

If you are satisfied, then continue the trip to visit Mount Bromo. Upon arrival at the jeep parked in the sea of sand. Then you can walk or rent a horse to get to the Bromo crater area. After enjoying the beauty of Bromo crater, you can complete the trip by visiting the Whispering sands tourism area and Padang Savanna as a closing tour. After that, return to the hotel, then have breakfast, and pack up, head back to Surabaya or Malang. The program is finished.

Facility of Bromo Rafting

Tour Include:

  • Private transport with air conditioning (Full petrol + English driver).
  • JEEP Tour Bromo sunrise tour
  • Hotel near Bromo area include breakfast
  • Toll road and parking fee
  • Entrance fee for foreigner
  • Mineral water during trip
  • Songa Rafting + Lunch

Tour Exclude:

  • Dinner, Airport tax
  • Horse in Bromo
  • Personal insurance

Contact Travel for Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Songa Pekalen River

Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package Probolinggo has a duration of 2 days 1 night. You get this package only at our travel agent at at a very affordable price. The main requirement in this tour package is a minimum of 5 people. If there are 2 participants, you have to pay 5 people for the rafting package. So, if you want join Us please booking and contact Us through Call / WA : +62 812 8700 0709.

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