Mount Bromo Midnight Tour (12 Hours)

By | June 20, 2020
Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Cheap Price (12 Hours)
Bromo Tour Midnight Cheap Price (12 Hours)

Bromo Midnight Tour Package 12 Hours with 4 Travel Destinations

Do you want to enjoy a vacation in the Bromo tourist area but do not have a long time, so you can not stay? Do not worry, now there is a solution that is perfect for you. We provide a mount Bromo midnight tour package that you can get at our agent. As the name implies, this journey will begin at night and only last for 12 hours.

Bromo midnight tour package, will start at 12 pm and end at 12 noon. Beginning at midnight, tourists will be picked up from the airport, station, hotel, or address in Surabaya to then head to the Bromo tourist area.

During these 12 hours, tourists will be invited to 4 of the most popular tourist locations in the Bromo tourist area. The four destinations include Mount Penanjakan; a place where you can see the sun rise. Then proceed to Bromo crater, savanna fields, and whispering sand. Then, at 12 noon, tourists will return to the airport, station, hotel, or address in Surabaya.

Itinerary for Bromo Sunrise Tour Cheap Price start Surabaya

  • 24.00am: We will pick up the tour participants at several pickup locations, such as airports, stations or bus stations.
  • 24.30am: All participants will go directly to the Bromo area.
  • 02.00am: Each participant arrives at the Sukapura village transit point area. Then make preparations and head for viewpoint 1 in the Bromo area.
  • 02.30am: Travel to Bromo by Jeep.
  • 04.00am: All participants arrive at Penanjakan hill area, and can enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the area.
  • 06.00am: The trip will continue to the Padang Savana area and Bromo whispering sand. Tour participants can enjoy the scenery and take pictures.
  • 08.00am: Prepare and go to Poten Temple and Bromo Crater.
  • 08.15am: Arrived at the Bromo crater parking lot. Each participant can continue the journey by horse or on foot.
  • 10.00am: After I am satisfied with Bromo tour, then return to the transit point. Participants can rest or eat at the venue.
  • 11.30am: Next we will take the tour participants to the initial pickup location, such as the airport or hotel. Finally, the mount Bromo midnight tour day trip is finish.

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Price

1.350.000,- /Pax2
1.100.000,- /Pax3
1.000.000,- /Pax4
950.000,- /Pax5

Facilities Included in Bromo Tour Midnight Day Tour

When you follow the night tour packages in the Bromo area for 12 hours. It is best to pay attention to the things that are included or not included in this package.

Price Include:

  • Pick up service best transport with air conditioning, full petrol
  • Jeep tour Bromo for 4 location
  • Professional and English Driver
  • Entrance fee to Bromo
  • Toll and parking fee
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Having Breakfast

Price Exclude:

  • Horse in Bromo
  • Meal, Lunch
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal expense

Things that Must be Prepared

Because you want to take a mount Bromo midnight tour for 12 hours. Then there are some preparations that you must do, such as:

  1. Physical condition
    Because this travel package has a short time, you should prepare your physical condition properly. Thus you can take this tour package to the maximum.
  2. Various equipment
    Also pay attention to the various equipment that you want to carry, such as cameras, tripods, or other things. If you have an illness, you should bring a personal medicine. Because the air in the Bromo area is quite cold, you should take it and use a warm jacket. Especially when you enjoy the sunrise in the Bromo area.
  3. Budget
    This package does not include horse fees, etc. You should prepare more budget, for the cost of renting a horse or buying souvenirs, etc.

Booking This Travel Package

Following the mount Bromo midnight tour 12 hour package, of course, treat your desire to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise at Bromo. So if you interesting with this package you can book and contact Us through Call / WA : +62 812 8700 0709.

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