Bromo Permai 1 Hotel Probolinggo

By | June 12, 2020
Bromo Permai 1 Hotel Mount Bromo
Bromo Permai 1 Hotel Mount Bromo

Tourist Destinations Around Bromo Permai 1 Hotel

Choosing lodging that suits your needs and finances, you can do well before your departure to Bromo. You do not need to be confused where you will sleep when traveling to Bromo. Because there are so many inns to stay during your vacation. If you want to enjoy super luxury facilities, then you can reserve a star hotel or resort. But if you wa nt a nice vacation but don’t make your budget swollen, cheap hotels can be the best choice. As Bromo Permai 1 Hotel Probolinggo which is a hotel that carries a traditional concept that is quite thick. It is located in Ngadisari village, Sukapura sub-district, Probolinggo Regency, East Java. A very strategic location because it is so close to the enchanting Mount Bromo. With a strategic location, access to various interesting spots in Bromo can be reached in a short time.

Many hotels and resorts have been established around Mount Bromo. But this hotel is one of the most favorite and can be a reference for your accommodation and family when traveling to Bromo. Overnight at this hotel can be the right choice to relieve fatigue after a trip. We have prepared various facilities to increase the comfort of your rest. Available with 43 bedrooms, you can choose the type of room that suits your budget and desires. Standard rooms, VIP rooms, and Family Rooms are the three types of rooms in this hotel. You can also adjust the room type according to the number of family members on your vacation.

Hotel Bromo Permai 1 Mount Bromo

Spot that you can enjoy while Doing Bromo Tour Package

  1. Riding Horse in the Bromo Desert
    For those of you who want to feel the sensation of riding in the middle of the volcanic desert, then you can do this activity. Surrounding the expanse of sand that looks like a sea of sand riding a horse will be an unforgettable experience
  2. Sunrise on Mount Penanjakan
    The view when the sun rises is always the best moment for anyone especially when on vacation. You can enjoy the sunrise from the hotel or visit Penanjakan mountain with Jeep. When you make it to the top of the mountain and see for yourself the sunrise that is so amazing.
  3. Adventure in Tengger Caldera
    Tengger Caldera is an area where a unique ecosystem is located. Here you can enjoy a stretch of volcanic sand that is similar to a real desert. You will feel like you are in another world like in the movies.

There are many other interesting spots and many activities you can do at Bromo that you can explore while staying at Bromo Permai 1 Hotel. Such as trekking, climbing, riding a horse, to trying to drive a 4WD car for adventure. After getting Bromo tour, you can rest in this hotel room.

The Price List for Bromo Permai 1 Hotel

2 - COTTAGE3.000.000,-3.600.000,-4.300.000,-
1 - GRAND FAMILY1.700.000,-2.050.000,-2.450.000,-
5 - NEW FAMILY1.110.000,-1.350.000,-1.625.000,-
4 - DELUXE TRIPLE955.000,-1.150.000,-1.375.000,-
5 - STANDARD TRIPLE800.000,-950.000,-1.150.000,-
10 - STANDARD DOUBLE555.000,-675.000,-800.000,-
14 - STANDARD TWIN555.000,-675.000,-800.000,-
EXTRA BED125.000,-


  • Private bathroom with hot and cold water
  • TV, Tea and Coffee set
  • Mineral water
  • Breakfast
  • Check in Time: 15.00pm
  • Check out Time: 12.00pm

Payment Procedure

  1. Each reservation is expected to have an advanced reservation, a minimum of 25% of the total price of one night’s room according to the type and amount ordered. The down payment, You have to pay maximum 2 weeks (14 days) before guest arrival.
  2. Payment of the remaining bills, made at the time of check in hotel or when checking out guests from the hotel.
  3. For FOC, you can get 1 free room, if the number of rooms you ordered is a minimum of 15 rooms.

Reservation Online

These various activities can be facilitated by Bromo Permai Hotel so you don’t need to be confused when going on vacation. When visiting Bromo, you definitely want to be able to rest in a comfortable lodging with satisfying service. This hotel can facilitate your holiday desires such as a romantic dinner with beautiful natural scenery.

Bromo is one of the tourist destinations of people who are curious about the beauty of the pristine nature. So, it’s time for your reservation at Bromo Permai 1 Hotel to tour Bromo Mountain so you don’t run out of places. A variety of interesting facilities will add to your comfort during your stay at this hotel. For booking the hotel room availability you can contact Us through Call / WA : +62 812 8700 0709.